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Flexible Magnets

  • Magnetic Sheet Roll
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    Magnetic Sheet Roll

    Magnetic sheet roll can be plain brown or laminated with vinyl, color or white PVC, PP, PET, Paper or adhesive. The magnetic property is permanent and will never decrease in normal situation. And the lamination is premium as well for clients to use. No matter for standard length,30 meters or...
  • Magnetic Vinyl
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    Magnetic Vinyl

    Newlife offers many kinds of different printing materials that can laminated on our flexible magnetic sheeting. Vinyl is one of the most popular traditional products. Vinyl is suitable for digital inkjet printing or screen printing with solvent, eco-solvent or UV ink. We use a high quality PVC...
  • Printable Magnetic Sheets for Laser Printer
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    Printable Magnetic Sheets for Laser Printer

    Newlife`s new patented products DP-MAG Paper has items for laser print. They are made from flexible magnet and art paper or PP. To better make sure the product is suitable for most of the laser print, we create two main type of the printable magnetic sheets for laser printer. One is...
  • Printable Magnet Sheets
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    Printable Magnet Sheets

    Newlife offer many kinds of different printable magnet sheets for different printing processes such as screen print, solvent or eco-solvent inkjet print, desktop inkjet print, HP latex, offset print and etc. We have also developed printable coatings that offer unique printing solutions and...
  • Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet
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    Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet

    Newlife Self adhesive magnetic sheet is our flexible magnet with Chinese self adhesive on non-magnetized side. The other side is magnetized and plain brown with UV protective coating. Users can use the self adhesive magnetic sheet directly on objects, then it can stick on iron board such as...
  • Magnetic RC Photo Paper
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    Magnetic RC Photo Paper

    Magnetic RC Photo Paper is a kind of high quality glossy surface photo paper, the substrate is white PET, it is pre-magnetized, the inkject photo printers can print it as normal photo paper, it can make into roll and into sheets.
  • Magnetic Rubber Sheet
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    Magnetic Rubber Sheet

    Newlife Magnetic rubber sheet is made by mixing with plastic or synthetic rubber using Newlife Technology! This is kind of high quality material and Barium Free! It has permanent magnetic property with excellent flexibility characteristics. It can be easily cut, slit, folded and twisted without...
  • Plain Magnetic Sheets
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    Plain Magnetic Sheets

    Newlife's plain magnetic sheets are permanent magnetic material with one side magnetized and the other side non-magnetized. It can be laminated with PVC, PP, paper and etc. The magnetized side is for working with magnetic receptive material, such as iron board. The minimum thickness is only...
  • Rolling Magnet
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    Rolling Magnet

    Newlife's rolling magnet is also magnetic material by mixing ferrite magnetic powder with plastic or synthetic rubber. It can be easily cut, slit, punched, folded and twisted without damaging the magnetic conduction. Rolling magnet can be classified as both standard magnetic...
  • Magnetic Paper
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    Magnetic Paper

    Newlife Magnetic paper is actually our magnetic sheeting laminated with inkjet paper. Inkjet paper is suitable for desktop printing and is a good choice for D.I.Y use in the office, school or the home. We offer two types of inkjet paper for client to choose, one is matt finish, and the other is...
  • Printable Magnetic Paper
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    Printable Magnetic Paper

    Newlife`s new printable magnetic paper- DP-MAG Paper is a directly printable universal pre-magnetized paper for OFFSET, TONER/LASER and HP INDIGO printing. It is our magnetic sheeting laminated with high quality art paper. And we do thousands of tests to adjust the material to be the most...
  • Magnetic Printing Media
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    Magnetic Printing Media

    Newlife`s magnetic printing media—NM magnet sheeting is widely used in POP and sign display industrials, it has similar printing and die cutting capabilities as posters or flexible banners. The biggest advantage is that they can be installed quickly, removed, exchanged, re-installed, and stacked...
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